Why Is Customer Feedback Important?

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When it comes to retail we all know that customers are the most important part of the retail chain. The number of customers visiting a store and coming out satisfied determine the profit made by the retail business. If we talk about the current scenario, its difficult to stay in the retail business without the support of trustworthy customers. When customers are satisfied with the service provided by retailers then there’s a greater chance of earning their trust and shopping lists forever. To get their trust retailers need to provide them with the best possible shopping experience, which can be done easily by knowing their feedback and working on it to work towards making familiar and positive space for consumers.

If you ask regular shoppers about their opinions on customer feedback, most of them believe that their feedback is important and can be more profit earning for the retailer. A customer views a business or retail as any other customer does, hence they know what improvements to make to please more customers. Customer feedback can be the real gamechanger and to please them, more and more brands are trying hard to work up to their expectations. As retailers are trying to navigate their way into the business world it is important for them to work on customer feedback and here we are with this blog to help retailers make customer experience more enjoyable.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is a review or information shared by the customers according to their experience with a product or service. Customer feedback is helpful for CRM and marketing teams to understand the scope of improvement.

Why is it important

Customer feedback is important because it helps to influence in making purchase decisions and in restructuring a brand or retail store according to the preference of customers. It is also an important part of shopping and decision making.

Customer experience can be useful in the following ways:

• Personal opinion

Customers are brutally honest when it comes to review a product or brand, which can be very useful. It is also said, ‘if one customer isn’t satisfied with one of your service then none of customers will be satisfied’, so when a customer condemns any of your service then no one is going to like it and this can be a real deal breaker. For example we see shopping site like amazon, flipkart and myntra the customer review matters a lot, relying on the product review by one customer decides the purchasing decision of other customers.

• Favourite treatment

When you ask someone about your services or ask them to rate your hospitality they feel superior. This behaviour makes them feel like your favorite and also makes you their favorite. A customer is more likely to return back to your store if you make them feel special by asking for their opinion about your product or service.


When you treat your customers like king and work on their feedback they will surely sing praises of your retail, attracting more customers hence working as a free way of promotion. This process needs investment to mould your store according to your customers choices, but in the end makeup for all the money put in.

• Positive impact

Customer feedback if taken seriously and acted upon will give your retail store the best makeover and will make it more likeable for other customers to come. It will totally change your store for better and will attract more customers than ever. Hence it will have a positive impact on your store and business as well.

• How to take feedback

When it comes to taking feedback most store owners prefer dropping suggestions on drop box as it is the easiest way, but it is not as economical and environment friendly. So, retailers can always take online feedback on websites and work accordingly. They can also install some digital method to get feedback on the go.

Customer feedback is a really important part of retail business and is also a gamechanger. If you want to make your brand more resistant to changes in the industry then taking customers feedback seriously and working on it is really necessary. As it is a true saying that “Customer is god” treating your customers nicely and working on their feedback may give you a great advantage over your competitors and you can be a market leader.

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