How you can use your belt to make different accessories?

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After all those business and retail related blogs we are here with something different for your daily style and fusion. As we all know that the fashion industry isn’t only about the runway and retail, it’s also about our personal style and how we fuse different styles together to create a look, personal styling directly reflects your overall personality, this blog is all about that fusion. After this long lockdown most of us would like to refresh our wardrobes before coming back to the normal fashion forward world, or being unprepared could be really disastrous. When it comes to accessories we are less likely to binge shop accessories for all our attires, because most of the times one piece does the trick,and this is what sustainable fashion is about. In this blog we will brief you on how you can use a simple belt as different accessories.

Image: Belt Styling

Designers haven’t shied away from experimenting with oversized belts and even using those belts as accessories. Belts do the thing when the outfit fails, got loose jeans add a belt, to turn your short dress more stylish add a belt, want to add different element to your style go for a belt. Belts have been a forever fashion favourite and are the current runway favourite to experiment with. Belt aren’t used only to fit jeans on waist these days but for a variety of reasons, be it styling the belt as accessory or using it as a headband.

If you’re a fan of DIY fashion and are likely to use one accessory in different ways to save on other items and get the runway ready look without much effort, then this blog is exclusively for you, so let’s get started:

• Long Necklace

Image: Long Necklace

If the dress you are wearing is full of beachy vibes and external look you can easily rock in a long necklace. It’s all about relaxed day as it is minimal accessory and very easy to carry. To achieve this look all you need to do is tie a rope belt behind your neck and hide the knot behind your hair. If you want to permanently convert your belt into necklace then you can add hooks to use it forever.

• Choker

Image: Choker

When long necklace puts more emphasis on the neck piece, choker can be carried to flaunt the dress and neck piece together. It’s easy to carry and chic to flaunt off with short and long dresses and even tops. Give your long necklace a twist around your neck to make it shorter and convert it into a choker. You can pair a matching belt with your dress or choose something contrasting.

• Bracelet

Image: Bracelet

Belts aren’t only about DIYing neck pieces, they make a good option for bracelet too. If you’re confused about what to wear on the wrist, when watch looks like an overrated option and all other bracelets don’t look good with your outfit then making a bracelet with a belt will be your saviour. Wrap the belt around your wrist in simple turns and secure it with a knot or a safety pin to get the perfect bracelet.

• Hair Band

Image: Hair Band

If you don’t want to add accessories with your look but still want something to make all the heads turn, then turning a belt into hair band won’t take much effort. Secure your hair in a pony tail or keep them open as you prefer and then wrap the belt around your head to get the perfect hair band. You can also wrap the belt around your pony to make it look like a scrunchie and give strong base to loosely hanging ponies.

• Waist belt

Image : Waist Belt

If you have a loose dress then adding a belt is the best and the most classic option. Most of the times matching belts come with dresses but if you don’t have such inbuilt options then either is a rope belt or the one with buckle to get you dress to hug your curves. You can also wear a belt over a loose fitted top to look like a runway ready model.

You can easily use the same belt for same outfit to give the outfit different touch every time you wear it by accessorizing the belt differently. To get some more ideas on how to style a belt, click on the link below to watch the video and get inspired:

Keep reading our blogs to get more ideas and get inspired, we will be back next time with more ideas and strategies until then keep loving us and keep experimenting with your style.

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