3 Kinds Of Skirts That You Will Find In My Wardrobe

Image- Kinds of skirts that I have in my wardrobe

Hello, Vogue lovers! Hope things are going well and you are adjusting to the back to work schedule easily. Hope our previous blogs are helping you understand easy styling hacks and you are following them to give your fashion quotient a stylish twist.

This pandemic changed our whole lifestyle, we got the time that none of us imagined that we’ll ever have with all those working hours. Since 4 months we are locked down in our houses and doing things at home be it work, party or anything. Things changed and lock down became the new normal, but now things are changing again to take over our free time. With most of the places opening up we can’t stay at homes longer, we all are scared to go out and some are still preferring to be at home, but this won’t continue forever. So here we are with another blog to help you whenever you step out of your houses.

This blog is about skirts that I have in my wardrobe as they are a must have and can be worn from a party to picnic to a business meet and so many more occasions. I have loads in my wardrobe but I picked 3 that I love the most to give you all an insight, also I am writing this blog on high demand, as few readers requested me to show skirts that I already have, so let’s have a look.

Vero Moda A-Line Floral Skirt

Image 1- A-Line Skirt Vero Moda

I really love this brand because of its ease and comfort clothing. Vero moda is really a great choice if you are looking for something casual or for a beach party. I have this nice A- line floral skirt from Vero Moda which is really comfortable and I can use it for casual wear, for beach parties or say for travelling. The fabric is polyester and it is sweat free therefore it can be worn for a long time. The best thing about this skirt is that I can wear it as a tube top as well, because fashion is all about fusion and experiments and also if I’m bored with wearing it as a skirt I can use it as a tube top which looks amazing.

• Bare Denim Denim Skirt

Image 2- Denim Skirt Bare Denim

They say if denims aren’t used for a long time then it isn’t a good pair, I have been using this denim skirt for a long time which proves that this skirt is a keeper. I am really happy with its fit and quality, it is stretchable and comfy. The funny thing is I got it from the kids section of bare denim but sill I’m really satisfied. Denim never goes out of style and so this skirt is evergreen. I can use this skirt for gala by adding some nice high heels and sexy tops and for casual wear by throwing a plain white tee over it or even to office by wearing a crisp shirt and blazer to give myself the boss look.

• Forever 21 A- Line Skirt

Image 3- A-Line Forever 21

Forever 21 is again a very nice and quite affordable brand. If you want something very casual and nice party wear attire go for this brand you will get everything under your budget. I have this beautiful mustard colour A-line skirt, the fabric is georgette and its lining is really comfortable, I just love its fit. The bonus point of this skirt is that it comes with pockets and all a women desires in her outfit is pockets to fit basic items. The colour itself is so pretty, I can wear it in monsoon, autumn and summer season. The best part is mustard goes well with almost every colour.

All these skirts are super trendy and super comfortable to wear and also they are never out of seasonal fashion. I can always mix and match with these to get new looks and top the style chart.

I thought why not give you all fashion lovers a little tour of my collection of skirts so that you have a proof that what I recommend is what I wear, so go ahead and watch video with some personal styling tips on Instagram “Hooked_by_fusion”.

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